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Manuel Real Mission Statement
Manuel L. Real Elementary School is committed to providing our students with a solid foundation of academic and social skills that will empower them to become lifelong learners and contributing members of society. Manuel L. Real Elementary School will provide research-based academic and social instructional practices through on-going assessments, differentiated instruction, the use of technology, and a safe and healthy school environment in partnership with staff, students, and parents.
  • We can do phonics on #zoom ! Mrs. Taylor and students reviewed /o/ closed syllable word in style! Great work!
  • Mrs. Alvarez reported, “Had a successful zoom meeting today. 22 students joined. We discussed the long vowel silent e pattern, and we made an Easter drawing together. The kids and I had so much fun. I loved it!” Great job, Mrs. Alvarez and students!
  • We added AR to our ClassLink! When you login to ClassLink, the app that looks like this pic (it’s labeled “Renaissance Place”). Keep reading and keep taking quizzes!
  • AR Winners for the month of March! Students...keep reading and taking your AR quizzes. For our AR Millionaire Club, you have until April 17th to make the Yearbook! Yay! Please email Mrs. Vitek at for more info!
  • Mrs. Marcelino and her kindergarten students and parents on Zoom!